Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fringe on the Brain

Yes, I've still got fringe on the brain in a major way. I've conquered the simple fringe necklace, but I'm still working on some more OTT necklaces and other designs using the pre-made classic silky fringe (stay tuned for those creations) but I also decided I wanted to experiment with some fabric fringe.

To be honest I also wanted something fun to wear for New Years, so I came up with this sliced jersey (that's basically t-shirt type knit fabric) technique and applied it to a basic fitted mini skirt with a chunky elastic waistband. I'm so happy with how it came out, and I've started whipped them up in all sorts of colours and patterns. I have big plans for dresses, tops and jackets too, let's hope they materialize and don't just live as drawings in my sketchbook! Hopefully I'll have time this Saturday for a fun designing day and I'll make some progress on more fringe-y goodness!

In the meantime, all these fringey skirts are available in my Etsy shop, and hopefully I'll be bringing some down to HQ very soon. If you're in Montreal and can't wait for "pretty soon" shoot us an e-mail and we'll bring one down for you. Certain fabrics are vintage and are very limited however, so some may only be available once or twice (like the floral one above, I wish I could find more of this great fabric!!)

Speaking of the fringe, Susie from StyleBubble already gave me a little shout out in a gorgeous collaged blog post, and a new blogger (to me, not the world) named Jessie wrote a great post about Norwegian Wood, and even bought one of the fringe skirts and fringe necklaces from my Etsy shop, so sweet! The blog is in German, so if you want to read the text go over to Google Translator and they'll hook you up, it's worth it, her blog is great,
Her package is in the post right now, can't wait to see how the skirt looks on the girl herself!


Cerisa said...

ooooh yay, i saw these on Style Bubble and absolutely loved them. With any luck i'll get the job i'm going for and will be able to buy fringey skirts and feathered headbands :D

AngieMontreal said...

You're so cute! Good luck with the job! I'm going to be working on some other fringy stuff this weekend, I like torturing people with temptation ;)