Monday, January 12, 2009

A small bit of feather

As promised, here's part two of my feather obsession: hairpins!

This fall I needed to find a wholesale supplier for chain, since I've been making all those chain vest/harness pieces, and in my search discovered that most places that sell chain wholesale also sell lots of other fun supplies. They also have large minimum orders. So I didn't need a truckload of chain, so why not stock up on other useful supplies? That's when I found these amazing super sized hair pin bases, and I thought that feathered hairpins could be a more subtle/easy to wear option for the ladies who don't want to go for the full out headband.

Each hairpin is absolutely one of a kind, since I use a lot of vintage buttons/beads/lace for them, and I tend to get my feathers from all over the place, so the supply is constantly changing. I was even able to incorporate some little bits of laser cut leather I had from doing some experiments with Mike Giles from Furni and their amazing laser cutting machine. Throw in a bit of felt for stability, and that pretty much sums these little guys up.

So here they are, a wide variety of hairpins, to wear in a wide variety of ways. Each pin goes for $15, so they're pretty easy on the wallet too!


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Hero Design Studio + Boutique said...

the peacock one is absolutely beautiful!!! They all are, that one is just my fav.