Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

I posted last week about some of the new vintage boots we got in at the store, and now I will post a totally gratuitous post about some new shoes I bought for myself. Feel free to skip this post if you generally don't like to hear about recent purchases your friends make. In other words, skip along boys, this is basically the same as your girlfriend/roommate coming home from shopping and saying "Hey! Wanna see what I got?" and you just want to go back to playing Left 4 Dead.

Testing them out while shooting this
new necklace I made for my Etsy shop

Sooooo for Christmas this year I got cash from my parents (along with a wonderful voucher for a trip to a B&B in Nova Scotia, amazing!) So my little cheque was all for me, to do whatever I wanted with, what a treat! So of course I decided to spend it all on shoes. I had recently discovered this online store that seemed to be the online answer to constant dreams about shoe shopping in Hong Kong. After travelling to HK for work numerous times, I quickly got hooked on the super cheap yet OTT shoes. Now some of you may be thinking "hey, don't you own a store that's about promoting independently made stuff? You know NON mass produced junk?" The answer to that is yes, yes I do, but shoes are the one thing I just cannot say no to, for a few reasons.

Number one: there aren't that many folks making handmade shoes, basically due to the specialized machinery needed, and the logistical nightmare of making a size range, etc. It's a similar reason that there aren't that many indie designers making jeans.

Number two: price, any of the handmade shoes I HAVE seen are in the hundreds of dollars range, which is not even close to what I would consider affordable. There is no way I can buy a pair of shoes for $300, unless maybe they were killer winter boots or something highly practical

Number three: Style, straight up. Most of the shoes I want to spend $ on are more styley, less practical, not exactly the look you find with most handmade stuff.

Number four: I walk a lot, and my shoes get trashed. So at this point, with the snow and the salt, REAL leather has become a point of frustration and anger for me (except for my Docs), so I'm now all over plasticky synthetic winter boots. Patent is my favorite, it really keeps the slush out!

I recently discovered that my boots (up there in the collage) are
actually knock-offs of these Givenchy boots (above).
The originals are around $700, eep!
photo by: www.jakandjil.com/blog/

So this post is really getting ridiculously long considering it's strictly about a few pairs of shoes that I got (5 pairs actually) for a ridiculously low price. If you want to check out the site I got them on it's gojane.com

Don't even bother looking at the clothing though, it's a freakin' nightmare, and you'd be better off buying something from an indie designer ;)



lepetitmoutonaimelamode said...

Waouh !! Gorgeous Shoes !!!
You really found them on gojane.com ? coz i can't... I am so jealous !

The HQ Duo said...

Sadly I think the black is almost sold out...the main pic on the site is the gold combo though, so maybe that's why you didn't see them? That's the trick with gojane, don't look so much at the colours of the main pic, just the style, then see what colour options they have. Nine times out of ten they have a black option ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie!

I just found this blog and I think it's great, love it!! I fell in love with a pair of sandals you have in the picture of your most recent splurge! Could you tell me where you got the low heels black sandals posing in beteew the 2 pair of boots?!

I would be soooo happyyyyyyyyyyy!

Thank you :)

Angie (yes, me too)