Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th/Valentines Day!

Whoa, I just realized that's kind of a weird combo....although they're not on the same day, one day apart is pretty close. So I found the perfect video for you all to enjoy....

A "How To" on handmade undies, with a trailer for the new Friday the 13th movie smack in the middle of it. Yes, I'm THAT good. You know, at working the internet.

And for those less crafty, check out some of these amazing Etsy sellers who make handmade undies!
Clockwise from upper left corner:
Twinsyndrome, Ruffeoheartslilsnoty, Bullfight, Supayana

And for the boys...


Happy Friday the 13th, and an early Valentines Day!

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najmuthakib said...

Ok...this has nothing to do with undies but it does have something to do with valentines.

I am hosting a valentine’s giveaway on my blog where anyone participating can win a lovely piece of jewellery from my shop.

Would love you and all others to take part.

Happy Valentines!


found your blog on twitter....