Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nuit Blanche Tonight!

Wondering what to do tonight? You may have heard it's the 6th annual Nuit Blanche this weekend, so what events are you planning on going to? I'm placing my bets on the En Masse exhibition, at Galerie Pangee. Curated by Tim Barnard and Jason Botkin (friends of ours from HQ galerie as well) this show brings together 28 of the citys finest artists (including my BF Tyson) resulting in one enormous collaborative mural. I popped into the gallery last week to drop off a few of Tysons canvas pieces to add to the display, and was blown away by the work!

Rupert Bottenberg (artist and writer for the Montreal Mirror) was there working away, as was co-curator Jason Botkin. The artists involved in the show have been working on the project throughout the month of February, slowly and organically adding to each others work, creating a floor to ceiling black and white monolith of a piece.

So tonight is the wrap party, one and all are invited to view the fruits of their labour. We suggest you come down to the finest party in the city amongst the many activities marking the all night festivities of Nuit Blanche...a party not to be missed!

Here are a whole whack of links for you to check out and ensure yourself that it is a show WELL worth seeing!

To check out the facebook site:

En Masse on the Galerie Pangee website:


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