Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Skating on the Highway...

Well, I just wiped out big time on the ice while walking the dogs this morning. It mostly sucked for two reasons:

1 - it hurt like a bitch, and I have a huge bruise and lump forming on my leg
2 - my dogs TOTALLY did not come to my rescue. Spidey just ran off to smell things in the back lane, and Mary started pooping. Nice.

But one good thing came of it I guess, the killer ice made me remember this video my aunt recently sent me. It involves ice. That's how my brain works I guess.

This video was taken on Feb. 9th just outside of Sanford, MB, about 15 minutes from where my parents live (Starbuck, MB), and also happens to be the town where I went to high school. They recently had some RAIN (which is not normal February weather in Manitoba) and then of course it froze over night. So driving was almost impossible, although my parents went in to work for some reason and drove 15km/hr the whole way there. Crazy people.

The second amazing part of this video is the music, so nice! The singer/songwriter is Carly Maicher, also from Sanford. Check out more of her music on her MySpace page HERE



Amanda said...

yes, yes, yes.
that is the best thing ever.
love the video, love the song.

starbuck, here we come!

supayana said...

that is sooo crazyyy!!