Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wine on Sundays, beers on Saturdays

Hey friends! I'm down at HQ right now, hanging out in the sunshine, waiting for some ladies to come hang out and have a little "Saturday Social Club" style fun, come down and visit me!

Speaking of drinking on the weekend....we're carrying a great new line down here at HQ, it's called "Wine on Sundays" and is made by the lovely Bridget of Workshop boutique in Ottawa. I met Bridget while I was in Ottawa a few months ago for the Tarts and Crafts sale, although I've popped in her shop many times before while visiting our fair capital. I immediately fell in love with her little plaque necklaces, and was so happy when she contacted me with pics of all of her stuff. We've got a whole slew of necklaces and earrings in stock right now, and with prices from $15-$32 these are the perfect little summer treats!

xo Angie

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Victoire said...

We love Bridget! <3