Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Leather Cage Debut

So for those of you who remember my post from a few weeks ago, I mentioned that Marc Simard (of Broundoor) and I were working on a LEATHER version of my cage skirt! Well, the first one has been created, sent and worn, by the illustrious blogger (and lovely overall lady) Susie Bubble! And what was Susies first thought when receiving the package? "I'm bringing this to the beach with me!" Check out her post and lovely pics HERE!

Now I've never been to the beach in Britain, but Susies pics make me imagine it's altogether a different thing from going to the beach here in North America...I mean, where are the over-baked wrinkled beach bodies? Or perhaps Susie's just doing her usual thing, setting the style bar WAY up there wherever she goes.... Either way, her man Steve did an amazing job taking these pics of her, the colours are just making my eyes do happy flip flops!

Those eagle eyed readers out there may also notice the leather cage BELT adorning Susies waist, this is another goodie ant Marc and I recently came up with, which we'll be offering through my Etsy shop as well! For those wondering WHEN they can get a leather cage skirt or belt for themselves, Marc and I are planning on launching them in my Etsy shop THIS WEEK! Stay tuned!



Louise said...

Woop Woop! Very exctiting, well done you! The cage belt is a brilliant idea, and Suzie looks fantastic as always. Like icecream and sweeties! xx

Victoire said...

ooohhhhhh the belt is a great idea!