Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heaven does exsist and it's an hour out of Montreal.

Last week a small crew of us packed up and headed to Quebec City for the Birdwatchers Of North America's "Birds of Quebec" exhibit. I had only been to Quebec City once before but it was a short day trip, so we didn't get to explore as much as we would have liked. A few people had suggested to us to check out the Madrid Restaurant on the way. None of us had heard of the place before but we were told there was a dinosaur and monster truck theme going on there.... whatever that means, right?
So, the first thing we see as we near The Madrid is a huge sign flashing the message "We speak English" among other things. So already the Madrid's luring me to it's warm welcoming teat.
We pull in next to the biggest damn monster truck I've ever seen. BTW, the Hyper Cube car beside the truck is Mikes (from Furni) which he WON..... for free-sies!

All of our jaws dropped as we walked around the parking lot which was literally surrounded by fiberglass dinosaur sculptures and monster trucks.

Dino egg.

And it gets even better when you go inside....... Zoltar!! (I'm still small, so don't even ask)

Zoltar not doing it for you? Then how about a few super creepy animatronic hillbillies sitting behind you as you dine?

........Or you can play some old Nintendo 64 games.

Unfortunately the food left much to be desired. But when you're surrounded by non stop awesomeness, you really don't notice the plate of "food" that closely resembles a mixture of baby barf and sawdust. I still love you Madrid.

Garrett and I put Angie and Mike to work! Hang the show FASTER!!

I didn't snap any pics during the opening..... because I'm a douche. Thanks to Morgan Bridge, Alex and Patrick!
When we returned, Mikes dino egg hatched! A dinosaur... in the big city? I smell a sitcom!


Vanessa Moore said...

OMG!!! The MAdrid!! Everytime I take Highway 20, I stop there...unreal!! The only thing to eat there is POUTINE!!!! :-) xx

Victoire said...

omg, amazing place and amazing post!