Thursday, July 09, 2009

Basil Wolverton

Plop! # 1

American artist, Basil Wolverton would have been 100 years old today! I was going through some boxes of comic books and stumbled upon some issues of "Plop!" which featured the work of Basil Wolverton. He only did a handful of covers (stopping due to a stroke in 1974) but the ones he did warped my mind for the years to come. Not only were the covers to the books amazing but the interior art was also mind blowing due to contributors like Sergio Aragones. The horror anthology, in the vein of EC faves like Eerie & Creepy, was hosted by three lowlifes, Cain Abel and Eve.

Now I know, Basil had done way more work besides "Plop", which was some of the last he had published. He had also contributed in other amazing magazines, like Mad (heard of it?), as well as a motherload of solo works. But picking up these books gave me my first exposure to his work, so I have a childhood love for them, which lasted into my adulthood! R.I.P. Mr. Wolverton.
Plop! #14

Plop! #8

Plop! #7

Plop! #4

Interior art by Sergio Aragones. At the end of each issue, the three hosts, Cain, Abel & Eve get "Plopped!" Hilare!!!

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