Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Space Year

Thanks to everyone who made 2009 one of HQ's best years. 2008 was such a shit-bird that I had my doubts for 2009.

I had done a really long post regarding some of my favorite artists and new designers from '09 but Blogger wasn't into it and it got deleted. So, instead of doing it all over again (which didn't really feel right) you can fill in the blanks...

"The work of ___________ really blew my socks off! And new designer _______ was the cats pajamas!!"

Moving on...
Angie and I were watching some old "Rocket Robin Hood" cartoons and we wondered; at what point in time do we start naming things with the word "Space" in the title? If you watch any Science fiction film or program from the 1960's to the end of the 80's, normal everyday objects use the words "space" or "cosmic" in them. And most of these shows set in the future, take part in the year 2000.

"Dinner was great honey, I couldn't possibly eat another planetary bite. I'm saving room for that amazing Galaxy pie you made."

So, is there a point at which my telephone becomes my "Cosmic phone"? Or instead of paying me with money, it's now "Space Bucks"?

OK, so technically the "Wayback Machine" traveled to the past but if Professor Peabody gets bored of Dino shit, then he'll probably visit us in the future!

I say the time is now people! We have forty years worth of sci-fi programming to live up to! What if someone from the past, built a time machine and traveled from 1960 to 2010 just to find out we're pretty much just as boring as before? What would he do? He'd kick you in your "space balls", that's what he'd do! So, to be safe, I say we all start to speak like well traveled Space Pirates, from now on. Who's with me?!

New cosmic art by Aya Kakeda

And finally...

For those of you who missed our last "Astral"exhibit, "It's Probably Worth More Than That!", the show will run until the end of January, so you still have time to get your "Space Ass" down here! Oh, and my number one son left the "Art Making Machine" on, so we have tonnes of amazing pieces still up for grabs! So, come on down!

Space-ily yours,


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