Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday hours and other news


Hiyo! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I'm sure I'm not the only person who can say that I literally stuffed my face for the last week. My friend Garry puts it best, "It's like packing a musket." Think about it.

Anyhoodles, we will have a few closed days in the upcoming week due to New Years, etc.

Thursday, Dec. 31: 12pm-4pm
Friday, Jan 1: Closed
Saturday Jan 2: 11am-6pm
Sunday Jan 3: Closed
Monday Jan 4: Closed

The "Jean" Dress by Valerie Dumaine. $125.

For those of you looking for a New Years outfit, local designer Valerie Dumaine's amazing pieces are now all 25% off, as well as equally beautiful work by Anastasia Lomonova.

The "Keiran" dress by Anastasia Lomonova $98.

And lets not forget, Ukrainian Christmas is coming up very soon! As I'm sure I mentioned in an earlier post, I went to Ukrainian immersion from grades 1 through 5 (wicked useful in Quebec, thanks Mom & Dad). Anyway, there was one really cool thing about it. After the regular Christmas holidays were over and everyone was back in school, the Ukrainian immersion students were lucky to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas which began January 6! We got presents and holidays again and the Ukrainian equivalent of Santa Claus, Svyatyi Mykolai, would come to our class and give us gifts, etc. It was pretty awesome!

We even dressed up in these weird little outfits and danced and sang Ukrainian Christmas carols (which always sounded pretty grim when compared to regular carols). I remember one year signing at the pageant in front of our parents and friends, I had a little case of the sniffles. I sneezed into my hand and looked into my palm with horror to see I was now in possession of a fist full of snot! With nowhere to unload this slimy wad (my little Ukrainian dancer pants had no pockets), I did what any smart boy would do.. wipe it on the shirt of the poor sucker in front of me! Poor kid. If he felt the back of his shirt get heavy and damp he showed no signs of knowing and I was able to get off the stage with nobody being the wiser. Heh-heh!

Happy Holidays,



Dina-Dyorre said...

Haha, ohh I do love Ukrainian Christmas :D I'm Russian livin in the uk and we have SOOO many ukrainian tv channels it's unreal! I always have a laugh because the language sounds like someone is mocking russian P:

On a side note, best wishes for the New Year!! Your etsy shop never ceases to amaze...your cage skirts, necklaces and harnesses are AWESOME.

supayana said...

Hehe, Tyson, your snot story is gross!!!! I probably would have done the same thing though.

Dina-Dyorre- I'm russian too, and I think you're dead on! I have a funny american accent when I speak russian to my parents, and they make fun of me by calling me Ukranian.