Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Valen-craps Day!

Yeah, I know I'm not being terribly original being one of the many anti Valentines people. So what? Maybe it's due to it being forced on me in the past. Maybe it's because I'm just a cheap asshole. Who's to say? At any rate, it physically pains me to acknowledge it. Seriously, I'm bleeding out of every orifice right now. So, I better get things going and give those of you who aren't cheap dirt bags like yours truly, a few V.D. (that's Valentines Day) gift suggestions.

Nerd alert!

So, Aquaman was in here yesterday asking for suggestions for a gift for his BF, Capt. Nemo.... Oh shit, wait. I just outed Aquaman. Sorry dude, but really, everyone knows. It's cool.

"Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters" $17.
Lady Wool Squids $20. each
Watercolour painting by TB $25.

My partner spends all his time in the office. Oh what a provider! Guess what? The reason he/she spends so much time at the office is because they hate you! But maybe some stationary, they can write you a "Dear John" letter and you can move on....

Detention Studio stationary set $18.
"Love Listogrophy" $23.
"Knox" Intern edition clock by Furni & Johnathan Pitoscia $98.
Wood Block by Furni & TB $22.

Or if you are the one who is writing the "Dear John" letter, send them packing with class....

"HI" Ray Fenwick postcard set $13
Hand bound Agenda by Victoria Wiercinski $40/
Bamboo panties by Candy Pants $20.
Pan Am overnight bag $45.
Hand painted vintage suitcase by TB $60.

And for the soon to be Headquarters designer.....

"Wonderful World Of Fashion" $28.
"Show Me How" $27.
"Woolly Embroidery" $23.
"Sew Subversive" $21.
"Cute Dolls" $21.
"Craft Inc." $22.
"Bazaar Bizarre" $24.

Insert inappropriate dick joke here.

For that special someone with a cat fancy....

Cat plate by Daphna Lewinshtein $35.
Ceramic mugs with knit cozy by PMO Design $22/
Ceramic S&P shakers by PMO Design $25.

And for the 30 something who refuses to grow up... er not that I know anyone like that.....

Skateboard by Omen and We Are Contributors $100.
Sunglasses by Lifetime Collective $20.
Watch by We Are Contributors $24.
"Fiddler" hat by Brixton $46.

Personally, if I got a love letter like this at Valentines Day, I would seriously reconsider my hate for it.

So, there you have it. Until next year, I love you.


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