Wednesday, February 24, 2010

La Chatte Bottee is happening

Well, if you're reading this Thursday morning, that means La Chatte Bottee vintage shoe sale is happening today! If it's still Wednesday night and you're reading this, go to bed! What are you doing on the computer? The only people that should be on the computer right now are sweaty nerds and perverts... er and people doing blog post.... ahem.

The first time we hosted one of these sales, I was a little scared. I pictured mobs of women screaming like it was a Beatles concert grabbing at the shoes or rolled up in a ball, sobbing and cradling a pair of boots.

But you proved me wrong. I admit, I'm an idiot for thinking that because every sale we've done, you ladies are polite, calm and all business. Not like me when I go to a nerdy comic convention or something equally dorky... (jeez, how do I have a girlfriend?) When I walk into a comic con, I'm like one degree away from acting like a starved coyote at a Snausages factory.

Moving on.....

I was thinking about pitching some really cool suggestions to Nika and Carole (the girls behind La Chatte Bottee). Like this, you know how radio stations have contests where the put people in these vertical, air tight cylinders with vents on the floor? And when they turn on the fans, dollar bills fly everywhere and the contestants can keep whatever he/she can grab and stuff in their pockets? Ever see that? Well, maybe do something similar but with shoes instead of bills! You get put in there and you get to keep as many shoes as you can grab out of the air and hold!

Oh wait, scratch that. I guess to propel the shoes around, your going to need, like, tornado force winds. I just pictured some poor lady, coming out of the booth, holding one sandal, a stiletto heel jammed in her eye... maybe a boot print on her forehead.... a few random pumps jammed into her spine.... oh God what a mess! And the lawsuits! Sweet Jesus the lawsuits! OK, forget it. I'm horrible at contests.

See you all tonight, (Thursday, Feb 25th) from 6 until 9 pm.

Until then,


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carolynschool said...

You know, a little piece of me dies everytime I hear about these Chatte Bottee events with vintage shoes galore and I can't attend. DIES Tyson, DIES.