Monday, February 01, 2010

I Heart Zombies

My teenage dream has come true.... kinda.

I remember having a conversation with my brother on why we didn't have more good Zombie films. This would have been in the early 90's so, the pickings were slim at best. But ever since 2002's "28 Days Later" Zombies have been all the rage. (And yes, I know "28 Days" Zombies were not technically real zombies, so suck it). Now we have Zombies popping up everywhere in video games, books, band names (Zombie Zombie a personal fave) and t-shirts.

World War Z $21., Zombie Survival Guide $15.95 & Recorded Attacks $21. by Max Brooks (son of Mel Brooks).

The reason I have Zombies on the brain (no pun intended... or was it?) is because I just got my hands on the latest trade paperback of "The Walking Dead" which is rumoured to be an upcoming HBO series. I've been thinking about "teenage Tyson" and how he (I) would freak the hell out if he (I) knew how many awesome Zombie films and books I would inevitably be burying myself in, in the very near future. Unfortunately, among the piles of good material, there are mountains of shitty titles. IE: "Day of the Dead" remake with Mena (fire the shit out of your agent) Suvari. So, I figured it was my duty to help you guys wade through the crap and pick out a few gems. Because when the Zombie uprising happens, and it will, you'll thank me. You will thank me and shower me with rubies and other precious gems, which will be worthless while a Snickers Bar will be the most sought after item, but thanks anyway.

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies by Jane Austin & Grahame-Smith $17.95

Over the last couple of years I've been addicted to audio plays. That's all I listen to on my iPod and there are a few really good Zombie themed ones you should check out. One of my faves is "We're Alive", an ongoing series that is well performed and written. "Alive Inside" & "Autumn" are also good but lean on the cheesier side.

Swamp Thing #42 By Moore, Bissette & Totleben

I hope this helps you guys out. As long as you bone up (heh, bone) and study your survival skills, you should be OK. Just remember a few things:

1. Don't go to the mall, dummy. Everyone will be doing that, so you'll not only have Zombies to worry about but Joe Six-pack as well.

2. If you're going to loot, skip the Best Buy and head for the grocery store. That 50" plasma wont do you any good once the power is out.

3. Warmer is not always better. Since Zombies do not have blood flowing through their bodies, they will freeze very easily. Head North where the zombies will be fewer and slower. It just makes sense.

If you are still reading at this point, you are a nerd and my friend.




B. Deshaies said...

The Walking Dead, meilleur comic book au monde. À part peut-être Y the last man. Mème à ça..

the student said...

Ohmygad! I never thought about the going up North/Cold thing... THAT IS BRILLIANT! My, this site is not only funny, pretty (and pretty funny, ha-ha), but edumacational too! You can definitely have my apple when they come :)

nebu said...

this is zombie man, elected leader of free zombie land. we too evolve over time. if we can live after death, we will survive in the cold. i say, we will setup our secret HQ in alaska, so when you guys head there, we will be ready to eat the meat of ur body. well, we just prefer to take a bite, kill you, make you a zombie, and then look for another alive person to bite. not sure why - guess we need to rethink that strategy, else we will run out of live humans, and we will have to start biting zombies, and the zombie becomes zombie suqare (super zombie) and we will have super zombies going around biting normal zombies and so it goes on......

i say, meet you in alaska mate/.