Friday, February 05, 2010

Whats new at HQ?

Vintage anchor pin by La Raffinerie $38.


How are you?

You're looking well. ..... er, that's a nice hat you're wearing is it new? No? Really, you've had it that long? Well.... uh some lovely weather we're having, huh?

OK, shut up for a second. Let me tell you about some new things at HQ.

Zipper necklace by La Raffinerie $55.

Now that we're all getting over the initial shock of the dreaded Christmas credit card bills, we can all pick up the pieces and move on. It's that time of year again when our awesome designers and artists show us what they have produced during the last few cold months, hunkered down in their cozy studios.
Sweater by Mes Trois Soeurs $80

Sweater by Mes Trois Soeurs $80.

Magic Triangle By Colorblind Smarties $45.

Lil' Jellyfish By Colorblind Smarties $40.

Pegase by Colorblind Smarties $40.

My dog Mary. Not for sale but it's a pretty cute picture, no?

The Copper Bullet Necklace by Vanessa Moore $55.

The Double Geometric Necklace by Vanessa Moore $55.

Bird Skull Necklace by Vanessa Moore $36.

Edie Jacket $78. & Kiss skirt $65. by Simone's Rose

Brick Tuxedo Vest by Simone's Rose $55 (One of a kind)

Hayley dress by Simone's Rose $120.
Hayley by Simone's Rose $120.

Drop by as we are expecting an avalanche of new stuff very soon!

Forever yours,

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