Friday, August 20, 2010

Boys will be boys or Reason 58 of Why we're not having kids.

Punks Git Cut jacket

Remember how shitty it was to be back in school after 2 full Summer months of precious freedom? I was just thinking about this the other day. You know, that sense of impending doom that loomed over as the last days of Summer vacation slowly dried up.

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And I just realized that those final weeks is probably the time when young boys, and to a lesser extent girls, get into the most trouble. And I'm not talking about drinking or drugs, I'm talking about setting stuff on fire, trespassing, minor records (gone when you turn 16) and breaking shit. I think in those last days of fun, boys tend to go a little nuts and really try to make those last days count. To this day, I'm still amazed that myself or one of my close friends is not disfigured or dead because of our stupidity.

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Remember Lawn Darts? Well I sure do. What kind of monster invented those things? And what a better toy to give an 8 year old than a giant, heavy, lead tipped projectile? (I've also had some pretty bad run ins with the regular small darts but that's another story).

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Anyhoo, I was spending the night at a friends house, (Summer of '84.... what a Summer) and we decided to go down to the soccer field close to his place. There we bumped into some kid (never did get his name) who was playing with some lawn darts in the mud. We asked if we could play with him and he seemed cool with it, so now instead of one child throwing muddy darts into the air, we now have three.

Mountains hoodie by Luke Ramsey

Maybe it was boredom, maybe just stupidity.... probably both, but we thought it may be a good idea to get daring and start lobbing them at one another. Well, you can guess how awesome that turned out, right? I pitch one super high into the air...... up, up, up, then down, down, down right onto the top of no-name's head... where it stood.

Wishful Thinking woven top

I looked in horror as no-name turned white and then seconds later a mix of mud and gore poured down the center of his face. Now what would a normal rational person do in this situation? Get an adult? Probably. Not us though. We decided it was time to go home for supper and ran as fast as we could.

Lifetime Bicycle Club woven by Jay Howell

Now, I'm sure the kid was fine..... right? This is maybe a bad example of doing things to be bad instead of just being desperate to make our last days of freedom count. There are plenty more Summers filled with stupidity and death defying activities but I think my Mother reads this and I don't want her to lose any sleep, so this story of possible man slaughter will have to do.

Fancy Flags tee by Jay Howell

We just got the men's Fall collection of Lifetime in, including some amazing pieces with artist Jay Howell's designs as well as Luke Ramsey!

Rad Mountain tee by Jay Howell

A funny coincidence, they renamed that soccer field "Un-named Boy's Corpse Park" shortly after that event. Small world, huh?

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