Thursday, August 05, 2010

Places And Spaces opens tonight!

That's right, tonight is the night! Tristan Breeuwer's solo show opens today at HQ. And as usual, it's going to be a fun exhibit.

For those of you who have never had the pleasure to meet Tristan, let me fill you in. He's a tall quiet, solid dude, and one of the most patient people I've ever met. So, I can only assume, he is either a ninja or some sort of government assassin. Great. It just dawned on me...... he's going to try and kill me tonight, isn't he?

Well, thankfully his training in the art of silently killing people also helped him with his awesome photography skills. We can all thank whatever shadowy group of powerful men that are responsible for creating this unstoppable killing machine, for that.... I guess. But I suppose I wont be too thank full with a throwing star lodged in my brain.

Here's a more acurate bio:

Tristan has a strong background in film making, having studied film production and working as director of photography on numerous independent film productions. Merging into still photography, he wanted to attempt to capture in one photograph, the mood, the characters, or the narrative that a film can offer. Yet not through typical staged narratives, nor through over-thought metaphorical representations. Eventually, through discovering and developing his own direction, he has found that his photographs, usually dark and mysterious, sometimes bright and joyful, often represent little worlds of their own...

The show opens tonight at 6 pm - 11 pm and the exhibit runs for the entire month of August.

Hope to see you all tonight! There will be a cold beer with your name on it waiting for you!

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The Treasure Store said...

I love the snowy picture. Beautiful!