Monday, August 02, 2010

Osheaga wrap up

So, another year of Osheaga has come and gone. I always look forward to this event and 2010 delivered big time!
Sonic Youth are one of those bands that could just stand on stage and fart into the microphones for an hour and still be amazing to watch.

My face hurt after watching Pavements amazing set. I literally couldn't stop smiling, it was such a fun show. Oh and by the way, Mark Ibold, the Pavement and Sonic Youth bassist, could you be any more rad? Playing in two amazing bands, two days in a row and giving out high fives backstage like they were going out of style! The only thing that could impress me more is if you ran a soup kitchen for orphaned puppies in between sets.The dickhead in the purple bandanna tossed a beer and struck Malkmus in the chest, thoroughly soaking his gear. Lets hope this asshole got run over by something on his way home.

The creepy YPF installation turned out great! It's always fun to see people interacting with your work (especially if they don't know you're watching them while they are playing with it).

As usual, the En Masse drawing sessions were as much fun as seeing some of the bands. I always have a good time making fun art with these cats.

Devo rocked my socks off! If you have yet to hear the new record, Something For Everybody", get off your ass and grab it now. There are not that many bands that put out a solid record after a 20 year hiatus that is this good!

You can listen to what you missed here

And here

Thank you Osheaga, we love you.

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