Sunday, August 22, 2010

La Ronde with Tammy Emma Pepin guys are all probably dying of shock right now...

"Angie is BLOGGING again?! WTF!?"

It's true, here I am. Just popping in to post this cute video created by the lovely Montrealer Tammy Emma Pepin who I met through Twitter (@TammyEmmaPepin).

As is the world of Twitter, I can't remember EXACTLY through who or what I found Tammy, but nevertheless I'm happy I did! Most likely I read Tammys Twitter bio (Travel Blogger and Brand Ambassador of Tourism Montreal (by ad agency Sid Lee) Journalist. TV Host. Publicist UNICEF Young Leaders Club. Muse. Writer. Activist.) and said to myself "self, this is an interesting lady, you damn well better follow her!"

So when this recent video popped up on her feed I of course clicked, and found a great little video of Tammy and a friend heading to La Ronde, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the famous "Le Monstre" roller coaster. A Montreal institution, no doubt.

To top off the cosmic connection, Tammy is also wearing a great straw Brixton hat (Tysons just posted about our new Brixton delivery I believe) and I LOVE a good, relevant tie-in, so there you go.


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