Thursday, March 02, 2006

Getting to know... Furni

Get ready to throw out all of your cheap Ikea home furnishings. After you lay your eyes on the Furni collection, you will feel like a chump for spending 3+ hours shopping in the over-crowded, over stocked, cube mega store, just to get a mass produced lamp or coffee table that will drive you nuts trying to put together, with that stupid key-thingy tool, that always slips out of your hands and makes you go crazy!!!!! Oh, and whats the name of the model you picked up? What? You don't remember? It's because you couldn't pronounce the goddamn name, thats why you can't remember it!!!

Would you remember the name if it was named after a professional skateboarder, like "Templeton", "Mullen" or everybodies all time fave, "Kaupas"? Damn right you would!! And thats what Mike Giles and Devin Barrette did. Each piece in thier collection is named after a skater you loved or still love. And their creations are beautiful. If you don't believe us check out all of the press these guys have been getting. Uh, hello, 35 online articles published and a crapload of print articles on the way (BPM magazine, Strut, Get Connected), thank-you!!

Here at Headquarters we are more than happy to have Furni as part of our family.

Be sure to check out thier website:

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