Tuesday, April 03, 2007

And you thought you knew all about recycling...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm sure 99% of you recycle your household junk. Plastics, paper, glass. It's all very good, and I'm very proud of you, don't let the following text make you feel inferior, we're not all recycling superheroes.

Marc Simard, the guy behind Broundoor, is totally devoted to reusing as much as possible. Never mind recycling, for him, this is a last option. Instead he scours thrift stores and junk piles on the sidewalk while keeping his ears open for news from friends who may be getting rid of stuff he could use for supplies.

Working mainly in leather and wood he crafts nicely worn in wrist cuffs, wallets, notebooks, binders and all sorts of accessories with a conscience. New on the design table are earrings and i-pod cases made from recycled leather (he cuts up old belts, skirts, jackets, broken purses, whatever he can get his hands on)

We just got in 5 pairs of the earrings in browns and blacks, and Marc has just informed me he picked up a good haul of coloured leathers, so these are in the works as well.

Everything is cut, carved, burned, sketched or painted by hand. The notebooks are hand bound for crying out loud, and whenever he can find it Marc uses discarded or end runs of paper. I really like the fact that there may be a couple kinds of paper in one notebook. Keeps things interesting.

If you want to keep up to date on all the new designs Marc is pumping out, check out his blog at www.broundoor.blogspot.com

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