Monday, April 02, 2007

Small Art in your House!

Here at the HQ gallery, a big part of what we are trying to do is bring affordable art to the homes of all you art lovers with champagne taste and beer breath (for those who find this term confounding, it means you have wicked taste, but no cash)

Inevitably this often means smaller pieces of art, and many folks have pondered "what to do with all these small pieces of art? One is WAY too dinky to put above my sofa/bed/credenza, and I have amassed so many, what to do?"

Well, I thought I'd post some nice images of "salon style" art arrangements. I think this type of look is wonderful for displaying all those little treasures you've gathered over the years. So you can enjoy the impact of that massive 5'x 8', $3000 canvas without having to wait for the day that you can actually afford the real deal. (Not to mention the apartment that could actually fit a canvas that size!)

Here are some examples to inspire, now get to work and hang that art!

Mixing big and small paintings

New and old, a variety of frames, and look how low down some are hung!

Photos, sketches, paintings, from the top of the credenza to the ceiling.
This arrangement gives them a bit of breathing room.

If you're just starting out and only have a few prized works, mix in a bunch of fun vintage kitsch art in interesting frames to make a large grouping.
Throwing them all on a bright coloured wall doesn't hurt either!

A large mirror smack in the middle makes a nice focal point. See how one of the sketches is leaning on the mantle, but still reads as part of the arrangement?

Wrap some really tiny pieces in cheapie frames around the corner, why not? Note how the frame edges are touching each other, and most of the pieces don't even have mattes.
All that text may be a bit busy for some, but the wrapping around the corner idea is a keeper.

Floor to ceiling in a dining room. The mixed frames pull together all the
different furniture finishes. This room has a great play on scale, check out that lamp!

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