Monday, April 16, 2007

Outfits of the Week, April 16 2007

Hey, what the hell is going on? Enough with the damn snow, I want to wear spring clothes! I'm just gonna keep putting up spring clothing, in the hopes that sometime soon we will be able to wear them somewhere other than changerooms and prancing around our own apartments trying on outfits that we hope to wear in the somewhat near future!

Outfit #1
Black/cream striped polo by MX Jeans (Montreal) Olive drapy jersey dress/tunic with gold elastic waistband by Soi Disant (Montreal) and black skinny Penelope jeans by MX Jeans (Montreal). These jeans are made right here in Quebec folks! Vintage sling back sandals with gold details finish it off.

Gold chain necklace with black acrylic skull by Glittery Vitamins (London), catch one while we've got a few left. These Montreal ex-pats are busy bees over in London and won't be making many new pieces for awhile, boo!

Outfit #2
Cool linen/cotton blend shorts from MX Jeans (Montreal), check out the beautiful embroidery on the back waistband, and the stunning lining fabric.

Super cute floral print stretch top from Supayana (Brooklyn). The vintage wallpapery look of the this fabric looks equally good with dark jeans.

Vintage navy peep toe sling backs complete the look and take the shorts up a notch, making them city worthy. Check out the pleated leather detail on the toe, killer.

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