Friday, April 20, 2007


OK, I'm having a bit of deja-vu over this whole "Hey, spring is here!" feeling I'm having, but I'm gonna go with it. Maybe you already bought some shorts over the past month, thinking you'd wear them once the weather got warmer. And now you've been waiting, like, a month and you want to get that same excited feeling as when you first got them. Hope this helps, some fun styling involving shorts. I like that a lot of them involve tights of some sort, good news for those of us with less than stellar gams and day glo white winter legs. (images from &

Happy weekend folks, see you at HQ tomorrow if you're stopping by, I'll be joining Tyson around 2ish! (he'll be there at 11am though, I'm trying to get some more sewing done before I come down)

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