Monday, April 16, 2007

OK people, something fun to do while supporting local artists!

Lovely cover art by MTAF

I'm sure most of you have noticed, when we post band/music stuff on the blog, it's because we have some sort of artistic connection with what they're doing ... or if Tyson just went to a really good show and wants to tell the world. Well this post is of the former variety. Four of our wonderful artistic friends, Krista Bursey and Jason Wasserman of More Than A Friend and Fred Casia and James Braithwaite of Pony of Prey have been working on some pretty amazing animations, graphics, etc. for the upcoming release from Elsiane. Freddy just gave me a little preview of one of the animations on his iPod the other day, and combined with the music it is just beautiful.

Elsiane will perform their new show at a special album launch concert, April 25th, at Espace Dell'Arte in Montreal. Tickets are on sale at their site:

The album "Hybrid" will be released in Canada April 24th! From what I've heard on the site and on the little video, it's very mellow, summer makeout music. Now start planning who you're going to be making out with this summer, and you'll be set.

They are also throwing out there a special free download for their MySpace community! You can now download the song Vaporous for free on MySpace. Share with your people! Click here:

Elsiane is a musical project created and developed in Montreal (Canada) by Elsieanne Caplette (vocals/ keyboards) and Stephane Sotto (drums). This project came to life after Elsieanne arrived from Peru in the fall of 1999. She met Stephane on the same week of her arrival and started to build the foundation of the project. Combining both their names created "Elsiane", it's the hybrid of both individuals.

Musically, the result of this combination is a deep, textured sound that defies categorization. Listeners will detect hints of electronica, classical, experimental, ambient, jazz and world music. The uniqueness of the project comes through with Elsieanne's vocals, angelic and yet haunting, each song has its unique melodic characteristics. This project is strongly influenced by different forms of art and is striving to build a different musical and visual experience through the expressive power of emotion.

As a last little note, I think a lot of my peeps in the Peg would be into this band, especially you Darren and Diane!! So take the time to take a listen, I think you will be really into it.

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