Friday, February 01, 2008

Post It Note Project

Today, February 1st is the day to do a little piece of art on a post it note and put it up around town. Take a photo of it and email it with the location to:
He'll then post the results here:
and here:

Here's one of my Post-Its

I put it in the alley way behind my work

And another on a parking meter on my street. I had to use a little bit of tape because I don't think the piddly glue will stand up to the cold Montreal weather.

Oh, and it's also my brothers birthday. Happy birthday little dude..... he's 31.

This is what he looked like, uh, like 25 years ago? Yeesh! What happened to this little cutey pie?


AngieMontreal said...

OMG, Tavis was soooo cute! Don't worry Tav, at least Jen still thinks you're cute!

smilesandsunshine said...

I like the post-it note idea.