Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day is lame-o!

Let's face it. Valentine's day is stupid. I've always hated going to the mall and buying some bullshit at the last minute just because. It's the same feeling you had when you were a kid and were forced to apologize for something you did. You weren't really sorry, but if you didn't apologize, you'd never hear the end of it. It's not so bad if you get a gift that's actually pretty cool, but when it's the old standard chocolates and flowers, you kind of feel like a douche. You know, standing in line with the other last minute dudes paying $50. for horrible chocolate or some weird mix of ugly flowers that may or may not give your partner hives. (By the way, does anyone understand what the hell that card at the top of this page even means... I'm at a loss).

Any-hoo, here is a small list of suggestions that may make it a little easier for all you last minute shoppers.

Standard Issue Design pillows. This is a small company from Toronto that released "Endangered Structures of Canada", a small series of pillows with images of igloo's, lighthouses, grain elevators and The Bata Shoe Headquarters screened onto them. $60. each

Our friend Elaine Ho has a line of silver jewelry for her Roadkill line. Lot's of guns, skulls, antlers and robots. Prices range from $65. - $125. (like the Royal Skull pictured above)
Original watercolours by Garrett van Winkle $40.-$50. Framed and one of a kind. We can't really seem to keep his work here for long as everyone seems to snatch up his work as we get it.

Honey Flower bath and body products. Dudes might tell you they don't like bath stuff but they are lying. Honey Flower makes a bunch of stuff like facial steam kits $6.00, facial cleanser $12. and body scrubs $15.

Jefffrey Brown writes a series of graphic novels about relationships, love and being dumped. Super funny, sometimes cringe-worthy. A must read.


Anonymous said...

if you're low on cash, you could just give a hickey!

Angie & Tyson from Headquarters said...

Good tip! We're strong proponants for hickeys over the age of 18. In fact, we feel hickeys at any age are highly appropriate.

Angie & Tyson from Headquarters said...

If you buy one hickey now you get a second hickey of equal or lesser value for 50% off!


Jill said...

it's been a week!! new blog post, please. if not, what else do i have to look forward to at work?