Monday, June 30, 2008

Canada Day, all the way!

This map is for all you people who have argued with
me that Toronto is "central Canada"
and that everything west of it is "western Canada" and
everything east of it is "eastern Canada".
Come on people, get a map!

Wow, my ryhming skills have been sadly diminished by this stupid cold I seem to have caught while in Manitoba, or perhaps on the plane ride home...The important thing is that Tyson has now caught it as well, so the universe is once again balanced.

We just wanted to give you guys a heads up to the fact that we will be CLOSED tomorrow for Canada day. So sorry, but if you want something handmade tomorrow, you'll have to make it yourself. Besides, you should be sitting on a patio drinking some canadian beer/wine/rye, not shopping!

Happy Canada Day friends!

Tyson & Angie

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