Friday, January 16, 2009

Vintage Boots Score!

My friend Marc recently got use of his parents car, so the first thing on our minds was to hit a few thrift shops that are difficult to reach by metro. We also took advantage of the fact that we wouldn't have to be hauling our finds around by hand, and really packed the car to maximum capacity. Marc was on the search for leather belts he could carve up and old leather jackets and bags he could cut up for his Broundoor line, and actually caused quite a ruckus at one store when he literally filled an entire shopping cart with great old belts!

When I'm thrifting I try to keep an open mind and not go in looking for one specific thing, but rather just keep my eyes open for general awesomeness. Sometimes the thrift gods send you a variety of things, and sometimes they just throw a whole whack of one sort of thing at you. This time, I got really lucky, and the thrift gods decided it was a boot sort of day.

So I'm happy to say we have a whole slew of new boots down at the shop, in a whole variety of sizes (although if you're around a size 7, you always have a few more options than most people, curse you size 7s!). These pics are just a few of the options I found, you'll have to brave the cold to see all the choices. All our boots go from $35-$40, and our vintage shoes are $15-$30, enjoy!



Victoire said...

Amazing haul! The first pair is especially killer!

Beatle Hersey said...

hey do you guys sell those boots online? I'm from Malaysia, can you guys ship them here?

The HQ Duo said...

We don't currently sell them online, but we do have an online vintage shop where we can make a special listing. Boots are fairly heavy though, so shipping would be around $30. Let us know if you're interested in knowing sizes:

nokomis said...

oh my, tres jealous! there's no better feeling than a good vintage shoe haul.

Janick - Nea said...

Man those first ones are HOT! I suppose they are not size 9.5 right? lol

Anonymous said...

I love your store, love your blog. But there's one thing I'm wondering: Isn't it weird to wear shoes that other people previously sweated in them? I don't get that vintage shoe hype at all. It's kinda non-hygienic? I don't mind a vintage jacket that I can send to the cleaner's but shoes?
To me, shoes, underwear and toothbrush are not stuff to share! And so many companies design shoes with designs from 40s-50s-60s-70s-80s now.

The HQ Duo said...

That's the big dilemma surrounding vintage shoes: some people are creeped out, some people are not. I'm not creeped out by 20 year old sweat, I think I'm probably more likely to get sweat germs trying on shoes at my local Aldo/other busy shoe store... heh

Another thing is that I try to find vintage shoes in minty condition, which often means that they were rarely worn, or not even worn at all! At first Tyson was like "how do you find so many shoes that look like they haven't been worn at all?" to which I replied "how many girls do you know who buy shoes that they rarely wear, or buy shoes just because they're on sale, or buy shoes that are really too small for them?" He just nodded his head and walked away ;)

ANOTHER pro of the vintage shoe debate is quality. Many vintage shoes are more well made than new shoes, and many of the shoes I find are gorgeous shoes from Italy and Spain that would have been hundreds of dollars when bought brand new. You just can't get that kind of quality anywhere for $25-$40.

Thus ends my dissertation on vintage shoes ;)

K said...


Any chance you still have the ankle boot kitten heel with fur lining?

Love love love them!

The HQ Duo said...

I believe we still do actually! Shoot us an e-mail at: and ask Tyson for the size and to double check they're in stock ;)


Anonymous said...

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