Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Monster Gallery

We don't know all that much about Monster Gallery apart from what we've seen on Etsy and the artists blog. We've read that Monster Gallery is a one-man show by Joseph, or JoE (as he is known), an artist residing in Singapore who is known for his retro pop culture-inspired art and prints. One of his goals is to bring his art to the masses.

His motto: Art for All, and All for Art!

We say: Hell yeah! We agree with your motto, we love your art and we're pumped to have your work in this show! We have NINE different amazing prints by Monster Gallery, and they are beautiful, square, and just CRYING OUT to be hung in a grouping of 3, 4, 6, 9, whatever!



Josée said...

Hey Angie,

Don't bother hangin' the prints for the expo on the 7th. I'll take everything! Oh my God, the choice is amazing!! can't wait to go see Prints are people too!

AngieMontreal said...

Ha ha, well we hung them anyways! Plus, we've got more than one copy of each print, so there's enough to go around ;)