Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Spring Stock!

Valerie Dumaine

I fully plan on doing an individual post for each and every one of these fabulous indie designers who've brought down new spring stuff for the store, but I just wanted to do a quick post for all those thinking of coming down to the vintage shoe party. We've got all sorts of new spring stock in from Valerie Dumaine, Anastasia Lomonova and Soi Disant, as well as two brand new designers that have joined the HQ family Josiane Perron and La Fete!

Anastasia Lomonova

La Fete

Also, as a special treat for one night only, we're putting together a nice little sale rack, with some older (yet still super cute) stock in limited sizes, for you to browse through and treat yourself with. Wheee! Friday night shopping party!

Josiane Perron



Mandy said...

OH shit son, it is shopping time!!!

Victoire said...

wish we could come!