Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"Wing & Prayer"

OK girls. You can stop yelling at me! We finally got the Miju accessories in.... sheesh!! I know Angie did a post on these babies a while back but now we got them in stock. Our good pal Judy and her boy-toy Mike (from Furni Creations) made these at the Furni labs here in Montreal with acrylic (in white and black) and, get this, A LAZER FROM THE FUTURE!! Now I don't know how they got their hands on this marvel from time yet to come but I can only assume that they have access to some sort of time travel device or Judy's future self left these for her in a locker at the bus depot to be picked up at a specific time.... ahh forget it. You'll get the full story this Summer when you see Michael Bay's Sci-fi thriller/Musical "Miju- A Necklace In Time" starring Shia Labeouf and that chick that used to play "Blossom".... See what happens when Angie gives me hell for not blogging enough. You get GOLD!!




Until next time.....

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Victoire said...

This was the best blog post ever.