Friday, March 06, 2009

Prints Are People Too! and Mati Rose McDonough

Does this look like Tyson and me or what?!

Oh boy my friends, we've really got something special for you tomorrow night (that's Saturday the 7th), it's the opening party for our latest show, Prints Are People Too!

In case you haven't been reading up on the blog lately, I'll summarize quickly:

- The show features prints by over 15 different artists from all over the world (we've got some from the US, the UK, Singapore & Australia)
- The prints range from $8-$80....if that isn't recession friendly then I don't know what the hell is
- The sizes range from 5"x5" to 2ft x 3ft
- From digital prints to handpulled screen prints, we've got all sorts of techniques in the mix
- Tyson and I picked all the artists together, so we've got a good mix of styles, from the girly, to the sketchy, to the ethereal, to the edgy. A bit of something for everyone!

Where: Headquarters Galerie, 1649 Amherst, metro Berri-UQAM, maisonneuve exit
When: Sat. March 7th, 7pm-11pm
What: art, music, drinks, snacks, shopping (yup, the boutique is open all night!)

In order to tempt you even more, we'd like to introduce you to the work of another of the great artists involved in the show, Mati Rose McDonough. Here's a bit of info about her, scooped from her website:

Mati Rose McDonough is an adult who paints like a child. It has taken her 32 years, 2 schools, and approximately 486 paintings to get to this point.

Mati is inspired by beauty, truth, lies, urban animals perched up in trees, bits of eavesdropped conversation, young imaginations, faded signs, the ocean, patchwork quilts, ornate iron work, ice cream carts and stories of longing. She admires artists Maira Kalman, Beatriz Milhazes, Margaret Kilgallen, Louise Bourgeois, Kiki Smith, the Clayton Brothers, Japanese pop artists, Sienese Painters, and Mexican Retablo artists.

She has had numerous shows and has published several illustrations and she hopes that this is just the beginning. Along with her clever and talented husband Hugh D’Andrade she makes messes and daily discoveries in her studio behind her home in San Francisco.

I immediately fell in love with her work after seeing it on Etsy, and knew that this woman NEEDED to be a part of our show. We're SO happy she agreed, and can't wait to share the real-life loveliness with all of you tomorrow!


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