Monday, March 09, 2009

Vote For Norwegian Wood!

Hi Friends,

If you're here on our blog, chances are you may know of my line Norwegian Wood, and may have even seen some of my stuff down at the store, or online. Many of you may also know that I'm selling my stuff on Etsy, including this new design (the Maximum Fringe Necklace). So I just got word from the fine folks at Etsy that my Maximum Fringe Necklace in the Coral/Mustard/White colour combo is a finalist in the Etsy Spring Fashion contest! So now I need you all to vote for me! Voting is super easy, just click HERE for the link, and then just check off my item (or if you REALLY think something else is better, I guess I'll forgive you) and that's it.

Thanks again for much support, I couldn't do what I do without the support of all of YOU!



JoE said...

I've just voted for it. Good luck!

AngieMontreal said...

Thanks so much!

Victoire said...

Will definitely vote for ya - and come to Toronto with us!!

Janick - Nea said...

Already did, DUH! :)

Anonymous said...

I voted for you and 6 of my friends did the same! Long live Headquarters and Norwegian Wood! :)


Anonymous said...

HAAA DAMN! 13 vote difference with the winner!!! But still, you are 2nd best out of 60! Good for you!!!