Friday, September 24, 2010

Heppy Jim Henson's Birthday!!

Today is Jim Henson's birthday.When (not if, get ready) I'm boss of the world, I'm going to move Christmas to September 24th. It seems to be a more fitting way to guilt people into being nice to one another, seeing as Jim Henson was never one to put someone out (which kind of resulted in his death.)
 So, to celebrate an awesome man, we're doing another Henson Contest!

Last year was pretty easy, so this year I'm going to make it a little tougher. If you can name the Muppets listed below, you can win a little prize from HQ. I know these may be hard, so try and name as many as you can.

You just need the name of these creatures not the name of each individual one for this one.

Like I said, it's tough! The winner will be the first to get them all right or failing that the person who can name the most before the end of the day.Email me the answers to
The picture above is my Muppet Whatnot. These things are the best ever! You can make you own here

Happy Jim Henson's Birthday everyone!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1) TJ Macho.
2) Spencer (before "The Shave".
3) The James B of my dreams.
4) Me (in some random TJ Macho promo pic).
5) I don't know... Some grouch.
6) Kev.
7) Brooke and Garry.
8) Angie and Spidey.
9) You (in some random TJ Macho promo pic).