Monday, May 29, 2006

Getting to know...Glittery Vitamins!


OK, so we're opening this Thursday, we're a little mental right now, so we thought it was a perfect time to post a blog about Glittery Vitamins right now...'cause we haven't been taking enough vitamins, and we're really tired...

Glittery Vitamins is a collaboration between the lovely Danya and the dapper Gilles, the most beautiful couple in Montreal. They come up with these great themes for each collection, like asian takeout, or pirate bordello (these are my names, they have much better ones on their site). Then they come up with this great jewelry that is totally over the top, but at the same time very wearable.... I would have say you could definitely call them "showstoppers".

They're moving to London (England, not Ontario) this fall, but we'll keep stocking their beautiful designs as long as they keep making them. Gilles has been accepted into the prestigious Central St. Martins (Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Phoebe Philo anyone), so undoubtedly this duos work is going to just keep getting better, and better and better.... to infinity.

Anyways, I have a pair of their earrings from a previous collection, and EVERY time I wear them I get a compliment.... every single time. So if you like getting compliments, wear their beautiful creations, and if you don't like getting compliments, then don't come in our damn store, 'cause you'll start getting compliments left, right and center. hee hee

...time for lunch, Prima Past here I come...

Check out Glittery Vitamins at: or on MySpace.

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Anonymous said...

i bet tyson wrote this entry since i'm always complimenting him on his pretty jewelry.