Thursday, May 18, 2006

Getting to know... Axel Honey

Today is a pretty shitty rainy day here in Montreal, so how about a little bit of pastel dreamy art to put you in a better mood, not to mention super cute little hand modelled characters! I really wish they were real little creatures so one could sit on my shoulder while I'm at work and keep me company! This is the wonderful work of one of our new artists/designers, Melissa Contreras.

Melissa was born and raised in Fresno, California. She came to LA to finish her Biology Degree at UCLA. Realizing her heart wasn't in it, she switched to Art. Thrown head first into the world of high concept art, those 3 years were a blur of not fitting in and just not getting it.

After graduating, she landed a job making craft samples for an educational toy company. Knowing that wouldn't get her far, she convinced them to let her try her hand at Graphic Design.

Many years (and many catalogs) later she started Axelhoney as a way to focus her energy. She realizes to be happy she must do what she truly loves and let her art take her where ever it wants to.

That basically sums up what we believe in for everyone at Headquarters! Welcome to the family Melissa!

Melissa will be showing her art in our grand opening vernissage, "Getting to Know You" on July 8th.

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