Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Getting to know...Commonwealth Stacks

So we've ordered some more t's for all the guys out there, and inside the box of shirts was a beautiful handwritten biographical letter, just for us from Michael and Laura, the creators of this great line..... Um.....actually we just copied and pasted the info from their website. But we like to think that if we were really good friends with them they would have handwritten us a letter themselves, they just seem like those kinds of people.

"Stacks began in January 2000 on Commonwealth Ave. in Los Angeles. Headquarters was the second bedroom of our apartment. We loved the idea that t-shirts could be used as conversation pieces and even valued as precious souvenirs. We believed we could use the t-shirt as a platform for simple, thoughtful design.

Today, we continue to produce pieces that reflect our personalities and sensibilities; drawing from our own unique experience and the common understanding of those in love with music, film, art, and design. -Michael & Laura Leon"

Wow. Tyson is kicking himself for not putting an extra small in the order for himself, so come down at 10am on June 1st and buy out all the smalls, and shove them in his face!

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