Monday, May 15, 2006

Getting to know ... Fauna

I've been getting a little flack lately from a certain local fashionista for not putting anything new on the blog for awhile. So this one's for you Amanda! Amanda already knows this, but for everyone elses peace of mind, we've only been slacking on the blog because 1) We haven't been receiving pics/bios from our artists for awhile (come on artists, send that stuff in!)
2) We've posted info for most of our designers so far, our store's only so big, we can't carry much more!
3) We've been crazy busy renovating the store, getting paint and varnish all over the place, hanging art and
other fun stuff!

So, without further adieu, for your viewing pleasure, the beauty that is Fauna

"Human beings make a strange fauna and flora" - Henry Miller

Fauna is inspired by the wealth of possibilities at hand to fill the spaces in which we are. Alexis Walker stretches through her creations, and invites us to step into a bygone world. Here, on any given day, in sultriest underground bar or atop grassy hill, women perch in all their bejeweled, gloved-and-hatted finery, preening themselves like peacocks, their style revealing a life of occasions. Alexis Walker has always loved to play dress up.

The very fabric of Fauna is one-of-a-kind. Layered samples from different eras- here a twist of vintage lace fringes remnants of an old curtain, there gossamer swallows embroidered against the cotton sky of a bare toe-dusting skirt- stitched together to render textures that transcend their very fibers. Often reversable, these precious creations are one-of-a-kind, as Walker firmly believes no two should ever be the same. This is truly wearable art, made to last.

Having migrated from Halifax to Montreal, Walker is educated in her craft, and practices keen-eyed urban observation. She dismisses fleeting trends, and instead seeks out enduring ways in which clothing and accessories- in essence, choices of costume- encourage the wearer to explore, expand, and multiply their own identity in infinite new directions.

We just outfitted our mannequin in head to toe Fauna, and I have to say, she looks smashing!

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