Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Start counting the minutes....

Carebear countdown!.....Oh sheeesh, Tyson is going to kill me for that one. Anyways, start counting the minutes, we open tomorrow, June 1st. Tonight we will be staying into the wee hours of the night making everything nice and perfect, and tomorrow at 11:00am we will open our doors to the public.

We wanted to give a great big thank you to our friends Fred Casia and James Braithwaite, also known as Pony of Prey, for designing our lovely logo, and basically all our other branding components as well (hangtags, business cards, postcards, posters, the freakin' list never ends). Stop by the store in a week or so to see our great window graphics, guaranteed to blow minds individually and in groups.

James and Fred also happen to be two of our illustrious artists showing in the "Getting to Know You" grand opening exhibition on July 8th. Check out some of their work on:

Fred & James -
Fred Casia -
James Braithwaite -

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Anonymous said...

Dear People,

Could you please give me contact info (not the blog address; there's no contact info there) for Pony of Prey? I desperately need to talk to them about the removal of some material concerning Danny Ayers, who's angry at me for the material having been posted. This could get me sued; so I need to simply ask the Pony of Prey Blog people to remove the Danny Ayers material. Please give me some contact info, and thank you.


Karen Cole Peralta