Monday, May 22, 2006

Getting to know... Quenntinn

Angies reign of terror is over! She's been doing all of the blogging lately, so I'm back! Things have been pretty hectic here, setting up the shop and going on numerous trips to huge mega stores for supplies and building materials. Why is it that white trash think a good family outing is a trip to the local mega store? C'mon grandma! C'mon Grandpa! C'mon Zeke, Ilene, Cody! Everyone pile in the Impala and lets SHOP!! They never go there with a specific thing in mind that they need to get, they just go there to get out of the trailer. So, here thay are at the store, wandering around, getting in my shit and driving me closer and closer to stabbing them in the face with my keys.

But enough about me and my delightful quirks. We're here to talk about Quenntinn. A young artist who was born in London but moved to Germany at the tender age of 4.

Concerning her art, she tends to focus on the aesthetic of life and music. Subjects of her portraits are people she knows from the hardcore and emo communities, with text that the persons particular scene of philosophy in an ironic way. And guess what? She's going to be showing at the first exhibition here at H.Q., "Getting to Know You" opening July 8th. So you better make sure your sweet ass is here to soak in all the goodness.

Check out more of her work at:

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Kelly Zarb said...

Love your Blog guys and good luck on the store opening, I'm sure it will be awesome. Please check out my blog for my crafty biz escapades.