Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Worn 3rd Issue Launch party and Headquarters Fashion Show!!!

OK people, I know that POP Montreal tuckered you all out a bit, but I think by Thursday you should have recuperated enough to head down to Club Lambi for the Worn Fashion Journal 3rd issue launch AND ........ the very first Headquarters Fashion Exhibition!

The evening starts at 9:00pm, it will involve dancing, chatting, drinking, fashion, music, and general merriment. Admission is $5, but you get a free Worn with it, so come on, don't be so cheap!!! $5 for admission AND a magazine, what the hell do you people want, my soul?! Seriously though, #3 looks to be a real hum-dinger of an issue. Some of the highlights are: fashions of Weimar Germany, the History of Bakelite plastic, Jim Jarmusc’s personal style, and local designer Complex Geometries. Oh, and the cover is absolutely stunning (see pic below).

The Headquarters Fashion Show/Exhibition will be a fun little visual treat featuring mixed outfits put together by yours truly using garments from the many indie designer collections featured in HQ. These outfits will be modelled by a few of the many contributors, let's hear it for real-life girl models! Think of it as "Outfits of the Week, LIVE!", oh and the models have heads...and they move ... and they're not made of fabric, metal, etc.

We've thought up an extra special presentation format that was devised to help us cope with that fact that:
a)The stage at Lambi is ridiculously low
b)Renting a "real life" runway ain't cheap

So don't worry about not seeing the show, we've got you covered with our secret plan!

For all of you who hate to and/or are bad at scanning through text for details, here's a quick recap:

Date: Thursday Oct. 12th (that's this Thursday everyone)
Time: Doors open at 9:00pm
Place: Club Lambi, 4465 St. Laurent
Cost: $5, with free issue of Worn #3

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