Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Oh boy, it's getting a wee bit nippy out there! I think it's time to grab a nice cozy scarf and bundle up, heck, throw on a matching toque why don't you!

If we really must live in an arctic wasteland, we must find ways to look stylish while doing it. The handknitted scarves and toques made by two sisters named Vicky and Cindy just might be the perfect solution.

Born of a deep-seated need to pass some time while rooming temporarily with her parents in Quebec City Cindy began crocheting. Through trial and error and a bit of experimentation thrown in for good measure Cindy developed the super cute rounded end scarf that we see today. In true sisterly fashion, Vicky was not satisfied with just getting a scarf from her sis, she wanted a hat to match, and thus the toque was born.

Cindy mixes together complementary yarns to make beautiful colour combos, and adds delicate satin ribbons around the edges for an extra little oomph.

As with all beautiful things, friends and family saw them and wanted their own, and with the good business sense and graphic design skills of her sis Vicky, the two girls began selling their hand knitted coziness.

And that, my friends, is the story of J'm'aime!

Come down this blustery weekend and check them out in person before you freeze your ears off!!

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