Friday, October 13, 2006

Homewares at HQ

I'm sure that all of you who have been down to Headquarters are aware that we carry lots of clothing, accessories, books, etc., but I wanted to talk a little about our homewares section. We have a nice little selection of vintage afghans (cleaned and repaired by yours truly) and some great dishes and glasses. We only buy stuff that is in THE BEST quality, and usually only sets of 4 or more. The only exception here is water glasses and coffee mugs. I find that these mismatched glasses/mugs can be used in a few great ways:

- Water glass/coffee mug at the office. I don't trust other people to wash it properly, I want my own!! I have a great yellow and orange retro mug at work for my drinks, everyone knows it's mine, no one would dare touch it!!! How great, and slightly neurotic is that!

- Nice glass for the bathroom. When I brush my teeth, I must also swish, that's just the way I am, so I keep an extra special glass just for the bathroom at home. And I enjoy my classy vintage one every morning, what a nice way to wake up.
- Paintbrush/pen/pencil holder. So much nicer than and old jar.

- Also bathroom related, I like to put bathroom stuff like Q-tips, cotton balls, bath salts, etc. in mismatched vintage glasses.

We also carry quite a few new items in our homewares section. Here are some of our other items:

- Under my label BLUEprint I make medium sized couch cushions and large floor cushions out of vintage silk scarves with vintage fabric backings that close with coordinating vintage buttons. Each one is different, but it's surprising how easily some of them really look great together.

- Roy Liang of the label Dumb Chauffeur makes really cute angular pillows out of vintage kimonos and vintage fabrics mixed with leather. They look fabulous just tossed in a pile together, that's easy decorating!

- Mike & Devin of Furni creations make a whole slew of products using solid wood, wood veneer and white acrylic. Check out their website to see their selection of clocks, bathroom accessories, magazine holders, bamboo cutting boards, small shelving and new acrylic seagull sets to hang on your wall.

- Pancake Dinner makes felt pillows for people looking for a little humour in their home decor. Pick up a pillow in the shape of a cookie, pancakes with a pat of butter, toast with and egg, or even a steak or pistol and watch your friends go "what the?!??" as they sit on your couch.

- Salvor Fauna pillows have been a decor magazine staple for a year or so now, we're happy to have a few in stock of our favourite dog designs. Designed and made in New York, these guys are quirky without being too over the top.

To put you in a decorating state of mind, check out one of my favourite blogs, Apartment Therapy. The whole concept of this blog is home decor centered around the apartment dweller, with the main issues being:
-inability to change major things
-dealing with small spaces (the blog is based out of NY)
-trying to get a little greenery into our urban living

This blog is so constantly updated and visual that it doesn't even seem like a blog, it seems like a great website that is updated every half an hour. Perfect for the home decor voyeur, you get to peek into peoples homes on their "home tours", check out new products, and discussions regarding reader questions. If you like home decor, you'll love it, if you don't you probably haven't even read this far down in this post, so never mind. The above photos are some of my favourite images from various house tours over the past few months. Enjoy your weekend!

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