Friday, October 13, 2006

Ready, set ..... READ!!!

Well, the Worn Fashion Journal 3rd issue launch has come and gone, and the Headquarters Fashion show went with it. Last night went over smooth as silk, so thanks to everyone who helped out for their hard work! A very special thanks to Dessa Harhay for doing the fabulous 50's/60's party girl hair, and to Milena Roglic for doing the doe-eyed makeup! If anyone is interested in hiring these girls for their beauty services give me a shout and I can pass on their info to you.

The models showed their cheeky, coy and flirty sides with a bit of play-acting and pulling each other off of the risers, luckily no one broke a heel or nail and the crowd enjoyed a good show. Serah-Marie in her wonderful foresight fanagled some photographer people to take shots of the show, so we'll be posting those just as soon as we get them in. I for one am very excited to see them since I was stuck (as usual) helping the girls find their next outfit, jewelry, shoes etc. and didn't see a thing.

Overall a very fun show and we're looking forward to doing an even bigger and better one next spring! Hooray for Serah-Marie, creator of Worn for organizing such a great event!

Oh and by the way, the barbies with hats have nothing to do with the fashion show, but I wanted some neat retro fashiony pictures just for fun, and this is what I found, see more pics at:


Nessajoe said...

Ha! The barbies remind me of when we used to make barbie clothes together. Mine were all tube shirts, tube skirts or tube dresses. Yours had zippers, buttons and actually fit. And we were only 8!!


Angie & Tyson said...

I think my mom still has some of those barbie clothes! I should dig them out and frame them or something. Somehow I don't think they would look very good, since my secret trick was to make all the dresses have sashes that practically held them together. Ah ha! The truth finally comes out!