Thursday, October 19, 2006

New designer on the block, Anastasia Lomonova!

Wow, lately I can't seem to escape cool Russian girls with great style, first my friend Ksenia here in Montreal, then Yana of Supayana in Brooklyn, and now Anastasia Lomonova! Ahhhh, those Russians!

After moving to Canada from Russia in her mid-teens Anastasia Lomonova studied fashion design at Torontos Ryerson University. In 2004, she moved to Montreal, QC where she apprenticed with designers Valerie Dumaine and Nadya Toto.

After working briefly for a clothing company in Montreal’s Chabanel District Anastasia launched her own line under the Anastasia Lomonova label. Her first casual wear collection appeared in stores in April 2006.

Following a successful debut, Anastasia is focusing on a more refined look for Spring 2007, creating a collection that combines unique cuts with expert fit and clever details. Fabrics include weightless chiffons, soft jerseys and structured cotton. Lines are clean and polished, yet very feminine and flirty. I've just booked some fabulous style for HQ from this collection, it's so clean and fresh, and the fabrics are just amazing to feel!

We're very excited to have this new designer on board, come down and check out some of Anastasias designs which should be delivered in the next week or so!


blunderspublik said...

Hey isn't my pal Lisa wearing that hoodie?

Janick - :nea: said...

Wow, that's all REALLY cute!

Esperanza said...

oh oh .. i think im gonna come down to HQ to see this fab collection !! =)