Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Witty design from Complex Geometries

You know how sometimes you want to get something really subtle, like a shirt that is kind of chic and classic, but is also not boring? Something that you can wear for years because it is sooooo cool and different, yet totally not flashy. Well, I think Complex Geometries may be the answer to this dilemma.

We've been carrying this wonderful line by local designer Clayton Evans since we opened, and I love to see the surprise on peoples faces when they take an obscure drapy swathe of a shirt off the rack, throw it on and discover the beautiful folds and gathers that are created by his unique patternmaking skills. The designs are simple, but I guarantee people will be looking at you and thinking "how does she make a basic shirt look so amazing!!".

We just received some new fall stock from Clayton, including some beautifully soft & subtle hand-dyed shades of pink and grey to complement the lilacs, blacks and whites from spring. Clayton has also devised 2 new legging designs that are definitely worth checking out as the weather starts calling for increased layering!

Check out Claytons designs at:
or pick up the latest issue of Worn Fashion Journal for an interview with the designer himself!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Angie,
Sorry I couldn't help but put a comment on this page.. I was just wondering about some of the prices for this stuff cuz its wicked.
-Gill King