Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bodybag by Jude at Montreal Fashion Week

Tyson, myself, his brother Tavis and wife Jen (both visiting from the Peg) were lucky enough to attend the Bodybag by Jude fashion show as part of Montreal Fashion Week. We jogged in just in time, and were so happy to catch every single delightful outfit from this Fall 07 collection. Here are a few pics from the show, a teaser if you will, for some of the fab designs that will show up next fall at HQ.

Jude would also like to thank the following sponsors and people that made her show the pro event it was:
accessoires: Comptoir St Germain
parrures de têtes: Ophelie hats
chaussures: ALDO
gants: gants Paris

Merci a:
Christian Pronovost
Patricia Côté
LAB créatif
Sensation Mode
les agences: SPECS, GIOVANNI, FOLIO et Summit models

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