Thursday, May 15, 2008

Aria Jewelry does it again!

Our friend Aria, who designs the jewelry collection of the same name has just released her newest collection, and it's gorgeous as usual!

The work this girl puts into sourcing her charms and other components is impressive. Never satisfied with second rate quality, she's always on a scavenger hunt for the perfect size, shape, colour, etc.

Aria is also the talented lady behind the curation of the "Idilio" exhibition which showed at HQ this past April. She organized all the artists involved, and provided the lovely jewelry which they did their painting on. A stunning show overall and a very organized curator to boot, we love that!

We also love how Aria puts in the time and energy to do dramatic photoshoots of her designs. She's been doing this since before we even had HQ, and it shows. Way to go Aria, the collection looks beautiful!


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